Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Boys Will Be Boys

Chunk had his second eval for therapy dog certification this evening at the county nursing home.  He did very well (we've been working on his indiscriminate kissing habits), sat nicely for a dozen little old ladies fondling his ears, made friends with the staff, lay down quietly between visits, and didn't try to climb in anyone's lap.

(Okay, he got a bit pawsy with a male nurse but cut it out when I corrected him).

Then on the way out the door he lifted his leg on a laundry cart.


Lady Anne said...

Ouch! That is when you want to just crawl under - or into - said laundry cart and hope you can stay there until everyone else has left.

Sam said...

Hey - it was the Laundry Cart, like dirty laundry...right?

Bunnykins said...

You did say the county nursing home, didn't you? If anyone is equipped to deal with a little accident, it's them. I'm sure he'll be forgiven.

Lady Anne said...

Y'know, Bunnykins is correct. That laundry cart probably smelled just like "home" to him, and he was leaving his message, too.