Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Malevolence of Inanimate Objects

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Our furnace stopped working sometime Tuesday night.  The technician, a nice young former SeaBee, was out yesterday afternoon and replaced various bits and pieces and by the time Brian got home we had heat again.

Around midnight the damned thing switched from producing heat to pumping out cold air and it is 54° in here.  The tech is back and I can only imagine what this trip is going to cost us.

Update:  The new furnace will be installed Monday. Thank God for that wood-burning stove.


Lady Anne said...

Three years in a row, our furnace went up on Ash Wednesday. Of all the things I've ever considered giving up for Lent, heat was NOT on the list!

marylyn kasper said...

Just wait. Some really cold weather coming from Denver

Sam said...

At least you HAVE a fireplace and many fur coated critters to cuddle up with.