Thursday, December 29, 2016

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

After three months in residence, the New Kids are definitely two distinct personalities (I almost typed purrsonalities, but decided to spare you the pun).

Sheba is a little pistol; she climbs the curtains, pulls flowers out of vases and scatters them on the tabletop, knocks over pot plants (she smashed Petunia), chews holes in the kitty litter bags, and ambushes the dogs.  She also has decided that Reserve Cat is all hat and no trousers, and torments him whenever she gets a chance.

Sheba's favorite pastime is to dash at top speed from the kitchen to the living room without touching the floor.  I have no doubt that when summer comes and we start letting them outside, she's going to be the one dragging home rabbits twice her size and still living.

Minnie is whiny, clingy, greedy, and a scaredy-cat. Having said that -- she likes to cuddle and hasn't broken anything.



Sam said...

Sounds like Sheba & Minnie are a good pair - Crazy and Not.
Have you tried hot pepper flakes on the dirt of the potted plants? Worked for us.
Except for the cactus the Maine Coon boy liked to chomp on...dope.

Lady Anne said...

I hope you have gotten them microchipped. Even if you don't intend to let them out, cats are slippery creatures.

Shay said...

To give her credit, Sheba does not dig up the pot plants. She just knocks them off the table.

Shay said...

And...upended a vase of cut flowers all over the dining room rug this morning. I deliberately arranged them in a very heavy cut glass vase so at least it didn't break.