Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Crochet - A Sampler From 1953

From the January, 1953 issue of Workbasket magazine.  Two pages of instructions on my Flickr account.


Bunnykins said...

Now, this is interesting. That rose pattern was very popular back then. I remember doing a stamped 50" square linen tablecloth that my grandmother bought me to do for my hope chest (good grief!) It had clusters of that rose in cross stitch on each corner. I think it was part of the follow on to the introduction of the long stemmed red American Beauty rose craze. Our neighbour grew one: gorgeous, rich red urn shaped roses that opened full on long stems, on a vigorous bush that covered the fence between the houses. And, btw, grandma taught me to embroider before I started school. I've never seen this pattern crocheted before. It would make a nice table runner in heavier cotton for those of us who just can't crochet so finely.

Lady Anne said...

That is lovely! I've never learned to crochet or knit - I'm a devout south-paw - but I can embroider and smock with the best of them.

Bunnykins said...

Lady Anne - Did you ever try the old reverse image in a mirror to see the instructions in a how-to book in left handed perspective? I'd think a left handed person would be the best, but the mirror image is supposed to help (says the person who can't smock.)