Monday, March 20, 2017

Vintage Advertising - Bon Ami

From The Farmer's Wife, October 1932.


Lady Anne said...

Bon Ami and Old Dutch were my mum's cleaners of choice. Raising chickens in the back yard was pretty common back in the day, but I wonder how many of today's kids would understand what was meant by "it hasn't scratched yet".

Bunnykins said...

Can you still buy Bon Ami in the US? I haven't see it up here for decades. Nothing better to clean windows and mirrors even if it was a bit messy. I think my mum used to buy a cake of it, rub a wet cloth over, rub the window, wait to dry, and rub off. It really made things shine.
OK, the city kid wants to know what does "it hasn't scratched yet" mean? Too little to scratch around in the barn yard?

Shay said...

Exactly, Bunnykins! Give that woman a cigar.

I'm only one generation away from the farm (my mother grew up doing field work) which helped me guess what the slogan meant the first time I saw it.

Are they still using the chick in their ads, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

@ Bunnykins: You can still buy Bon Ami in most grocery stores in the 'States; I have a can, purchased a couple years ago, for cleaning the bathtub & sinks. I haven't tried it on windows; they're a lower priority!
No TV or "women's magazines," tho, so don't know about their ads.