Monday, March 6, 2017

Murder, She Purred

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I wondered how Batdog managed to get hold of the chocolate kiss I had to pry out of his jaws this afternoon -- then I spotted Minnie hooking them out of the candy dish and batting them onto the floor.


Bunnykins said...

More Minnie the Moocher than Minnie Mouse, eh? The girl's got style. Dig out the vintage candy dishes with the glass lids like grandma used to have. What a scamp that one is!

Sam said...

Gotta love the subtle murderous nature of Minnie. Casually flick candies out while not breaking the vintage glass only to have the Beast eat them up? Rather sneaky and evil.

Lady Anne said...

If Minnie is feeding Batdog milk chocolate, you don't need to worry too much. A friend of ours came home to discover their dog had eaten the better part of a bag of Kisses, foil and all. Mr. Friend said the clean-up was the easiest he'd ever had; he just waited until dark, went out with a flashlight and a plastic bag, and looked for the sparkly bits.