Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obsolete Information Dep't-A 'Teens Trousseau

This list comes from a booklet published by the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences during WWI. It gives an interesting picture of what would be considered an acceptable wardrobe for a middle-class bride of moderate income.

Blouses – one fancy blouse; two semi-tailored blouses.
Corsets – one pair for wear with dresses and negligees; one pair for wear with suit or afternoon and evening gowns.

Dresses – two simple house-dresses that are easy to slip on and off, preferably light in color. Two afternoon dresses of silk in subdued tones, suitable for making afternoon calls, attending church, or attending informal evening affairs.
Footwear – one pair of walking or street shoes; one pair of soft kid or cloth-top shoes for wear with afternoon dresses; one pair of slippers for the bridal gown or for evening wear; one pair of slippers for general house wear; one pair of boudoir slippers.
Gloves – One pair of white kid gloves for wear with the bridal gown and for evening wear; two or more pair for street use, in tan, gray or black, or a color to match the suit.

Gowns – One bridal gown and veil for the wedding ceremony; one evening gown suitable for formal social affairs; one semi-evening gown for informal evening affairs and theater wear.
Handkerchiefs – One dozen linen handkerchiefs with hand-embroidered monogram in small letters, daintily embroidered corners, or scalloped edges.
Head Dress – one small or medium-sized street hat; one large or small afternoon hat; one evening hat, scarf, or fancy head covering.
Petticoats – two simple wash petticoats for house wear; one or more silk petticoats for suit wear; one dainty negligee skirt or princesse slip.
Purses and Bags – Purse of good quality leather in a color that harmonizes with the traveling suit; modish bag for use with afternoon dresses or evening costume—may be of silk or linen, beaded or embroidered.
Stockings – four pair of lisle stockings to match street shoes; three pair of silk stockings for dress shoes; two pair of silk stockings for evening wear.

Undergarments – one set of bridal lingerie, consisting of a fine lisle or silk undervest, a night dress, a petticoat, a corset cover, and a pair of drawers or a combination suit. Six knitted vests; four pair of drawers; four corset covers; two brassieres; six night dresses.
Wraps – one coat suit; one topcoat of cravenetted material, fashionable woolen material, or silk; one heavy storm coat for winter use.
Miscellaneous Articles – belts; boudoir caps; collar and cuff sets; neckwear, including bows of ribbon and lace; umbrella and parasol; veils for street wear, automobiling, and so on; traveling bag, suit case, or steamer trunk, as the occasion demands.


Laura said...

I love your tag title - and all the great stuff on your blog too! I have a teen (& a pre-teen or almost-teen really) whose minds would be well and truly boggled by that list of what to wear!

Shay said...

I'm trying to reconcile the teeny tiny closets found in older houses and the size of this trousseau.