Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sewing - A 1922 Negligee and Boudoir Cap

This negligee and cap set is from the May 1922 issue of Needlecraft magazine. It would have been worn along with a silk petticoat for breakfasting in the privacy of the home and presumably by a young lady who could afford a cook. I can't see frying eggs and bacon in this.

The instructions are here. They are of course free but the cunning magazine editors assumed that you would want the embroidery patterns too, and those would have cost you 20 cents. For a dollar and ten cents you could order the required amount of flesh-colored batiste, already stamped with the pattern.

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T-Mom said...

I can live without the cap, but the negligee looks pretty and comfortable. And you could easily adapt it to something more substantial to wear out.