Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another recipe from those nice folks at Knox Gelatin

The rather unappetizing title of the cookbook whence comes this gelatin salad is "On Camera Gel-Cookery from Knox." The recipes are laid out in a series of photographs, as though taken during a cooking show and although there are a number of monstrosities (including the ever-popular canned tomato soup aspic), the cold desserts are quite nice. I'll post the recipe for the Chocolate Bavarian one of these days.

This salad is one I ate as a child and although I'm not sure I would touch it today (oh hell, yes I would, I love Jello salads), it got me to eat carrots without whining. There is no date on the cookbook but the full-skirted shirtwaist dress that the cook is wearing places it in the last half of the 1950's. Left-click to get a larger image or go to my Flickr account.


Amy said...

I've never tried it at all...gotta love those old wacky vintage recipes lol

T-Mom said...

Oh geez. That mold brings back memories. I've got about 6 hung up as decorations from my mother's jello-salad-making days.

This recipe sounds like it would be great in the crunchy variation with nuts.