Saturday, June 14, 2008

I don't like surprises, and even if I did, I wouldn't like these surprises

After making great progress on the house-breaking front, someone has had a relapse. She is now being referred to as the Stealth Pooper.


Su said...

LOL! The thrills of having a puppy!!
She's still an adorable little thing though!

Shay said...

I know. I want to paddle her pudgy little butt but she looks up at me and one ear tries to stand up and I just melt.

T-Mom said...

Awww. She's just a baby. Babies make mistakes. She'll grow out of it all too soon, and you'll wonder where your adorable little fuzzball went. And (*koff*) it's never the puppy's fault. Puppy should never be where you can't see her(baby gates or a leash), and if you're out of the house she should be safe in her crate. The only time I've ever had troubles with mine is when they were *telling* me they had to go and I kept saying, "Wait just one second." And eventually i asked them to wait one second too long.

Well, and there was the time Taenzer reacted to a spell of depression on my part by regressing to puppyhood and pooping on carpets, but that was a whole different set-up--she was a grown-up dog and stressed by my negative mood. She spent afternoons in her crate for a couple of weeks until things returned to normal.

When I first got Timber, he was 6 months old and had never had any kind of training. He was on a strict every-30-minutes schedule for the first week (crated at night and while I was at work), then 45 minutes, then 60, and finally to 4 times a day. He's a big boy now, but he never passes up an opportunity to potty! Smart boy!

Give that cutie a hug for me.