Monday, June 2, 2008

Sewing-Pattern for a 1950 Summer Dress

"Pick a color that sings for this pretty cotton coquette." (From Smart Sewing, 2d Edition, 1950).

The instructions can be downloaded from my Flickr account. This includes directions for gathering the fabric using elastic thread, but I'm thinking that the pre-gathered cotton sundress fabric that the big fabric chains are carrying right about now, would work very well for this. The two-tier skirt looks so cool and flattering.


Lydia said...

That's darling! I love the big poofy sleeves, but I think I only love them on the model (or someone in the appropriate age range). I wonder if anyone still makes elastic thread. It sounds like a wonderful thing to play with!

Amy said...

hey there, I came here through Kitchen Retro - just saying hi :-)

Blondie101 said...

Wow, never thought of shirred retorted dresses and tops, got loads of ideas now, some I can remember from my childhood in 1960.

nanny29 said...

Whoops silly computer, should read vintage