Friday, June 13, 2008

More Sewing - Pattern for a "Swedish Bonnet"

This hat pattern is supposedly suitable for summer wear when made in white pique. It is part of a marvellous photo stream for Better Living magazine August 1951, and Millie Motts has given me permission to post her link for it. Lots of ads, lots of vintage recipes (Lidian, are you listening?), and Advice For New Fathers.



Su said...

I've seen many old pictures with these hats, now I think I'm going to try to make a one in wool for winter!

TattingChic said...

Oh, I love all your vintage pattern posts. They are so much fun! Thank you for visiting my blog today and commenting on my tatted doily.

Anonymous said...

Iam, I am listening! Ears alert like a bunny's...thank you for the link!

I am just getting up to speed again after a few chaotic days...this has been a week that was about a month long, if you know what I mean! :)