Sunday, July 25, 2010

Et Tu, YouTube?

The advertisements that appear when I visit YouTube are, I know, based on a carefully-calculated scientific algorithm that is fed data on my Internet habits and interprets it accordingly. The ones asking if I’d like to meet senior men in my area are puzzling enough; what I really can’t figure out is why offers of cheap hotel rooms in Abu Dhabi keep popping up.

Is there something about my eBay, Amazon, Google and Expedia usage that indicates I’m yearning for a naughty weekend in the Middle East with a geezer?


Packrat said...

Doncha just love 'em?


I don't know...could be?

nancyc20 said...

I just get fabric ads...not as exciting a life...hahahaha!

SewDucky! said...

My ads are all over the place from cars and tech, to male enhancements, cheating on your spouse, singles sites, sex clubs, extreme name it.

What happens when I work from home on a variety of topics. It gets bad when it links to crap I wrote for THEIR ad.