Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Melting Pot

Our local minor-league baseball team hosted a Health & Wellness Night yesterday and the department bought a block of tickets. The centerfielder for the Cornbelters is a young man named Asif Shah.

Girl Sitting Behind Me (in tones of strong disapproval): Asif Shah? Where’s he from?
Boy Sitting Behind Me (reading from program): Cincinnati.

(Mr. Shah, a former Southeast Missouri State standout and 2007 All-Ohio Valley Conference Utility Selection, was 4 for 5 and despite a piss-poor performance by the Cornbelter’s third base coach, demonstrated some very heads-up base running).


Lydia said...

Oh, man, I miss watching minor league summer team games. I grew up with the Hutchinson, Kansas Broncos.

Shay said...

It was so much fun. Only in small town ball can several dozen small children leave their folks in the bleachers and run around behind the left field fence waiting for foul balls and dancing with a mascot dressed up like an ear of corn...

GDad said...

I am congenitally unable to care about most sports, and yet minor league baseball always amuses me.

I love getting my picture taken with people dressed in mascot costumes.

Oh, and on behalf of the boy... ZING!