Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"For thousands of years, the high ground has been used during conflicts to gain a tactical advantage..."

Her Majesty likes the porch swing because it puts her at just the right height to reach out and smack Babyface's ears.

(The porch really does slope like that. It's for runoff).


Anonymous said...

All Hail Her Majesty! Seems the dog should know by now to bow down.
Bet it is pretty funny to watch a lounging Queen smack an ear. Picture?

cristinoel said...


Shay said...

I wish I had a better video-making capability (my camera doesn't cut it). She'll lie there and waggle her paws enticingly and poor Babyface (who is not the sharpest crayon in the box) obligingly wanders over to see what she wants.

Then, pow!

Packrat said...

Cute. Our cats love the high (upstairs) window ledges. Great for launching themselves onto the dogs. Poor puppies!