Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Because I Love Messing With Their Minds

Burly, Shaven-Headed IT Specialist (popping abruptly into my office and looming over my shoulder to read a number off my PC): Twenty!

Me: Fifty-five, but that's awfully sweet of you.


MrsT said...

thanks for the music - I'd forgotten how much I like Tracy Chapman!

Shay said...

I think my favorite of hers is "Tin Man."

I get nostalgic flashbacks whenever I hear this tune; it came out in 1996 when I was on a temporary assignment to run a training exercise for former Warsaw Pact countries who were trying to qualify for membership in NATO. The exercise was called, for some reason that makes sense only to the people who think up exercise names, "Cooperative Osprey." We soon re-named it "Uncooperative Turkey Buzzard" for reasons that I may someday put in my memoirs. "Gimme One Reason To Stay Here" became the theme song for a cadre of us, unfortunately.

Geez, I'm full of old stories tonight!