Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Images - A Thread Trade Card

From the Graphics Fairy, who has hundreds of free vintage images on her website. Go and see.


Anonymous said...

Out of nosiness, do you read on-line on your computer or on an e-reader?
The choice keeps presenting itself to me, but I think I would miss the color my computing device can display, since I don't want the expense of
the mac-i-devices.
So many of your finds are in such gorgeous color.

Shay said...

Nonny: I read online on my computer. I have a Nook but accessing the web through it is too cumbersome to bother with. I'm glad you like the ephemera.

Packrat said...

Such a cute picture.

Hope you are feeling better and that life is treating you a little kinder. Happy 2011.