Saturday, August 26, 2017


In other news, we still don't know how she did it, but Minnie got herself locked in the gun safe this morning and it was almost nine hours before someone heard her faint, despairing mew.

She's lucky it's ventilated.


Bunnykins said...

Oh, poor little thing. Prepare to be made to feel guiltier than you already do for the next week as she cowers beside the gun safe while giving you stink eye, or shies away from you, evil woman who can't be trusted not to lock a poor, innocent kitty in somewhere without warning. It's never *her* fault, of course.
We locked our boy in the laundry room (the room he batters at endlessly to get in, where he promptly hid in the highest, smallest, unlikeliest place for most of the day - and came out blaming us. Cats!
But she does look so pathetic.

Shay said...

This is actually a LOLcat meme -- although it does look like her!

I wasn't the guilty party...the Man of the House is the one who didn't check before closing the safe. He knows better now.

Lady Anne said...

My mum was grabbing shirts out of the dryer so they wouldn't get wrinkled, and then slamming the door. It took her about a half-second to wonder why there were tennis shoes in there, and then realizing there WERE no shoes. Fortunately, the machine was still half-full of clothes, and he heat was on Low.

Patricia Young said...

My cat loves to crawl into the dryer too. So far I have dragged him out before closing the door each time. I did lose a cat in my attic for a couple of days once. The little stinkers want to get into everywhere.

Sam said...

I once forget our Norwegian Forest girl on the screened back porch for the day. Her biggest upset was using the tarp as her litter box. Our Perfect Portly Princess forgave my stupidity. I have never left the house without checking since then.

Shay said...

I couldn't help but think of a similar incident with Her Majesty a few years ago.

Yeah, we are now checking before we shut anything. Even, s'help me, the fridge.