Thursday, August 3, 2017

One Of Those Wide Stance Scenarios

1st volunteer:  I was in the men's room at O'Hare Airport...

2nd volunteer (interrupting):  Any story that starts with "I was in the men's room at O'Hare Airport" has to end badly.


Lady Anne said...

Hubby was in the men's room at work with two other fellows, one of whom are wearing black and white chef's trousers; the other was a stranger.

The stranger asked the chef if he was going to wash his hands, and the chef replied, "Nah. It's clean."


The stranger followed the chef out the door, and into the kitchen, where he flashed his Health Department badge.

Bunnykins said...


Lady Anne said...

Be have yourself. You never know who's watching. Remember when your mother told you, "I'll find out what you're doing"?