Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Less Filling and Tastes Great

image from Pinterest

It's 6pm. The disaster assessment teams are starting to arrive back at the office after a long day of canvassing flooded neighborhoods and estimating and recording the damage.

1st team member: People in (affected area) sure are into pit bulls.  Really big pit bulls.

2nd team member:  I know -- I've never seen dogs that big.  I wonder what they feed 'em?

3rd team member (under his breath): Red Cross volunteers.


Lady Anne said...

We're on our third pit bull. Honestly, they are the sweetest dogs ever. But - I can see how some people would turn them into monsters, same as any dog. For a long time it was German Shepherds, or Dobermans. I have to admit Dobermans do give me the creeps, but there are folks who love them.

Bunnykins said...

I wish the volunteers who are looking after pets luck. The recent fires in BC they said they had about 800 in the shelter, everything from lizards to a dog who had just given birth to pups, plus cattle and horses to be rounded up. It's hard on everyone.

Sam said...

Pitties, if trained correctly, are lovely dogs. But then ANY dog is a lovely dog if trained. Just keep those toy dogs away from me.