Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Arabian Peach Mold"

This little booklet was published in 1939 by a consortium of food companies (Log Cabin, Post, Maxwell House) and was aimed at commercial rather than home cooks.

"Good menu making is one sign of a progressive food operator. Successful meals are as dependent on intelligent planning as they are on wise buying of materials and careful supervision of workers."

Note there is no mention of actual good cooking.

These food operators were being instructed that a meal consisting of a cheese souffle made with Minute Tapioca, a baking powder biscuit, and a molded Jello "salad" would really wow the hungry business lunch crowd or the occupants of a residential hotel and bring them back for more.

Recipe proportions were designed to feed three or four dozen at a whack. Why this particular gelatin dish is called "Arabian" escapes me, except that to the Western mind, spices like cinnamon and cloves have always been associated with "the rich and glowing East," as Norman Douglas once wrote.

This is actually one of the better offerings.


Lidian said...

Yum, Arabian peaches! What a great booklet...

Shay said...

Next time you want to make scalloped salmon for 40, give me a shout.

T-Mom said...

Maybe they also used molds that had a suggestive shape?