Thursday, May 29, 2008

Frame of Reference

As my youngest sister was heading for the hospital on Friday night through a rough part of town, she happened to pass a building with a big sign out in front emblazoned with the name STILETTO’S.

You know what it was and I know what it was; but my sweet, pious, devoutly-Catholic sister asked, in all innocence, “Who was Saint Iletto?”

(stripper shoe photo courtesy of


GDad said...

Let me guess - the building had no windows, and it's open until very late at night.

Shay said...

My oldest brother was crass enough to mutter something about the patron saint of pole-dancers but not too loudly, as he is apparently more familiar with that particular establishment than is seemly in a married man.

I'm sure he just heard of it word-of-mouth.