Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conversations I Would Prefer Not to Have Had

Neighbor: Boy, your husband sure has a head for heights!

Me: What?

Neighbor: Thirty feet up a tree with a chainsaw? Man, you’d never catch me doing that.

Me: What?

Neighbor: Good thing he was wearing his hard hat when that last branch came down, wasn’t it?


(This is an only slightly modified version of two separate exchanges with two separate people this afternoon and, of course, was the first I heard about a tree, a hard hat, a chainsaw, or anything thereunto pertaining. I will wait until after supper to conduct the cross-examination).


GDad said...

Please do post the results of your conversation with Mr. Bungalow. I'm curious to see what rationalization techniques are common in your neck of the woods.

And it's not every man that has a hard hat. I would have had to wear a bicycle or motorcycle helmet.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Well, at least he wore a hardhat. Around here the "tree workers" don't know what that is. sigh

Shay said...

Since he is indestructible, it baffles him that I freak out.

Maybe it's an infantry thing.

Julie said...

Did he make it through the cross-examination?brdckn

Shay said...

Only because I can't collect on his insurance if I kill him, Julie.

Lydia said...

This is awesome. I mean, I feel for you for being terrified and angry at him, but still. Your husband for the win. Seriously.

meggiecat said...

My dear husband pulls the same kind of stunts. I have terrible fear because we live in logging country and we know the danger. Rules. He has to let me know so I can listen for silence and check on him. We also got a set of two way radios to use as a "man down" alarm. He agreed after a tree he was falling bucked off the stump and hit him in the forehead.

I've been watching the Axmen series on the History Channel. It follows loggers in our area of Oregon.

Good Luck with Mr. Indestructable.