Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The woman in Iowa changed her mind

So we will not be getting her. The breeder had described her to us as "sweet and gentle," and I (and Reserve Cat) were really looking forward to a non-Type A personality joining the household. That's the bad news.

The worse news is that another potential owner rejected this puppy for being "too lively." In the breeder's words, she is not only two pounds bigger that the first pup but she is "the most out going and determined, maybe even a tad excitedable (sic)..."

Sweet land of Goshen, I am going to have another fuzzy little roughneck on my hands. She looks like an Irish prize-fighter.


GDad said...

I'm guessing that your heart will melt soon.

Everything else OK?

Lydia said...

Yikes. Best of luck with the new family addition!

T-Mom said...

Why'd the breeder change her mind about the other puppy?

Have you figured out where to put the new crate? ;-)

Su said...

Aww....but a CUTE prize fighter!

I'm sure this one will be so busy following Funnyface, that the cats won't be too bothered.

Any names yet?

Lidian said...

I adore the expression "land o' Goshen!" and am so glad you use it too.

That darling pup looks like a little bear cub!

Julie said...

She sure is sweet looking in that pic though. You will fall in love quickly.

Shay said...

T-mom, I should have explained better.

We were the very last potential owners to put in a bid for a puppy from this litter. Three puppies died, poor things, and it looked like we would be out of luck.

Another potential owner (the woman in Iowa) kept dithering over whether she was going to take little sweet-face. She finally made the decision Wednesday to take her.

That would have left us out in the cold completely; except another potential owner rejected her puppy (li'l Miss Rowdy) for being, as the breeder said, "too lively."

so we are getting Miss Rowdy. Oy Vey.

I'm sure she'll be a great dog...but when you're expecting Grace Kelly, it's a bit of a facer when they substitute Victor McLaglen at the last moment.

Anonymous said...

Oi Vey, Mon Deiu! A brusier with Funny Face? Drama Queen will have years of Oscar winning moments with this one. But do you really want a wall flower of a dog?