Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Giving me an excuse to post a bunch of irrelevant photographs. You will see that our view to the back is of the lumber yard across the alley. When we first moved here we planted Bradford pears along the fence line but the power company made us cut them down.

The Drama Queen loves to tear flowers to shreds but only if they are in vases. She pretty much leaves the garden alone.

Funnyface is right where they like him (behind the fence). You will note that Reserve Cat is missing his collar. It is a quick-release collar with a bell and a shiny ID tag and he hates it. Funnyface obliges by chewing it off of him. We can usually find it somewhere in the backyard. Goodness, that patio needs weeding.


su said...

Beautiful tulips!

The cats & dog all look very pleased to see the spring arrive, too!

Lidian said...

The cats look so pleased with themselves, and busy though staying still (just like our two upstairs, who sit around but manage to look really busy)...Great pics!

Shay said...

We keep them in at night, something they don't appreciate at all. First thing in the morning THEY WANT OUT.

Overeducated Twit said...

Gorgeous tulips. And I enjoy the pictures of Drama Queen--she's so expressive.

Shay said...

What can I say? She rules with a paw of iron.