Monday, January 19, 2009

True Colors

Forty years ago, if I had applied for a non-clerical position at State Farm or IBM or Ford Motors, the hiring manager would have tossed my resume as soon as he read my name. I would not even have appeared on his professional radar. This despite the fact that I have a graduate degree and thirty years of experience, military and civilian, in training, logistics, quality control and project management.

In this year of grace 2009 I’m on that radar, and it’s mostly because a young Baptist minister laid down his life for the idea that everyone in this country is entitled to justice, equality and human dignity, not just the white, straight, male, Christian, and able-bodied.

Thank you, Dr. King.


Amy said...

amen :-)

Mary said...

After getting my first job, only to find out I was paid two thirds what the guys were, I asked for a raise to be made equal with all the ones who hired in with me. I was asked by the VP, "What does a woman need money for anyway?"

It is getting better but would not be without Dr. King.

Thank you, Dr. King

anniebelle said...

Mary, talk about some one needing a piano dropped on their head - SHEESH!

anniebelle said...

Boy did this bring back memories of some of the lunkheads I had to deal with when I was in the Navy myself - sigh...