Monday, January 19, 2009

Vintage Children's Book Illustrations - The Olive Fairy Book

"In a part of Arabia where groves of palms and sweet-scented flowers give the traveller rest after toilsome journeys under burning skies, there reigned a young king whose name was Lino." From The Blue Parrot.

The Olive Fairy Book, with eight color plates by Henry J. Ford, can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.. I love fairy tales.. I just finished reading King Arthur for the umteenth time :)

Lydia said...

The irony of this is I signed up last year for a subscription to Easton Press's printing of Lang's entire Fairy collection--leatherbound, gold pages, the works. They're beautiful and worth every penny, but the idea that I can just download them is FUNNY.

Shay said...

Lydia, your lesson was a lot more expensive than mine, I paid for a reprint of a French tatting book that is available for free online at the Antique Pattern Library :-(