Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vintage Homekeeping – Grandmother’s Sweet Jar

“Select a jar and place in the bottom a layer of cotton-batting wet with a few drops of oil of bergamot and five drops of rose geranium. On this put a good pint of dried rose petals. Mix in a few cloves, a strip of cinnamon, broken into bits, and a crushed nutmeg. Add another pint of dried petals and sprinkle three drops of oil peppermint on them. On this sprinkle a little orris root or powdered sandalwood.

“After keeping the jar tight for three weeks, open it, and it will scent the room with a delicate fragrance.” Myrtle Mayo, Home Needlework, July 1915.


Anonymous said...

LOL sounds a little expensive to me.

Alaina said...

Great image. Where is it from?

Shay said...

Hi, Alaina. I should have given credit, this is a copyright-free image from Dover Publications. I get a weekly free download from them.
(click on the vintage car image).

Amy said...

That's really lovely. I might try it.