Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fast and Abstinence

From Modern Priscilla, April 1925. At least this doesn't look any worse than my mother's signature Lenten dish, Irish spaghetti (boiled noodles, cheese and a can of diced tomatoes. It was awful and since my mother was a pretty good cook, I don't understand why. It occurs to me now that maybe she was trying to make us suffer for the good of our souls).

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Lidian said...

Thanks, Priscilla, but I just ate...

What a great magazine that must be! :) Love it.

Shay said...

It is. I have about a dozen copies from 1914-1925 and I'm always on the hunt for more.

Priscilla had great production values; readable typeface, wonderful illustrations, layout, etc. I should find someone with a flatbed scanner large enough to scan the entire thing and start making copies for my pals.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of meatless meat loafs before but never with ground nuts.. don't think I would care for it tho

Au vieux trousseau said...

Hi Shay,
I discover your blog thanks to the comment you posted on mine.
I enjoyed pretty much the visit.
Those vintage ads are so great.
Have a nice day,
(Au vieux trousseau)

Andrea R said...

Wow, I never knew that dish was calle Irish spagetti. Maybe because I'm irish? :D

We eat it all the time - as long as the noodles aren't overcooked, then I think it's petty good. (and fast and cheap)

Andrea R said...

Oh, also I have a stack of these little cookbooks too.

Shay said...

Andrea, I have horrible memories of this dish; it's possible one of my siblings may recall it as being delicious!

Christine said...

Wow, I clicked on that meat loaf recipe to read it and I have to say, I think I'd much prefer your mom's Irish spaghetti! For some reason that actually doesn't sound too bad at all to me. At least when I compare it to the kinds of things I eat during Lent, I guess!

By the way, I like the Modern Priscilla too. I only have one copy of it (1916, I think?) and I know what you mean about it not fitting on the scanner. Very frustrating!