Thursday, March 26, 2009

A (Relatively) Mild Rant

I recently bought a couple of issues of the new sewing magazine from the UK, Sew Hip. It's fun and funky, sometimes painfully so, but there's an interesting mix of projects and articles. Lots and lots of free patterns for everything from pincushions to kid's clothes to adult garments. Well worth the arm and the leg that my local chain bookseller charges.


Even if the publisher is targeting the novice seamstress/er, shouldn't the person who sews the project samples know what she/he is doing? The photograph of the tiered peasant skirt in Issue #3 shows clearly that the sample maker has managed to catch part of the tier in the seam, and the zipper in the a-line skirt (Issue #4) is not only the wrong color, it's humpy at the bottom.

(humpy at the bottom is an industry term for put in wrong.)

Rant over.


GDad said...

Maybe the peasant skirt is trying to look more authentic or something.

Darn feudalism.

Anonymous said...

LOL Maybe that's why their seeking an experienced Managing editor.. someone to make sure things look right before publishing.

Anonymous said...

Once again the adage that an editor needs to KNOW thier product in order to porperly edit an article rears it's ugly head. So says the best freind of an educated editor. And there is nothing uglier than am humpy at the bottom zipper.

Packrat said...

It's annoying to say the least. Kind of like buying a sewing pattern, getting the whole dress cut out, and then finding out that the pieces don't actually fit together or that the cutting instructions fail to mention to turn the pattern piece upside down. GRRRR

Anonymous said...

I made similar comments to my sister about an embroidery/craft book recently. I was appalled at the quality of the satin stitching on one project...I can't remember the object of my other rants as I went through the book, but generally I was cross that the work seemed to have been rushed and if you are going to give someone instruction you should do your best. My sister answered to the tune of "maybe that WAS their best." That was me told LOL.

However I did think afterwards, if a beginner aspired to the pictures in the book, it might not be long until they superceeded that quality and it would have given them a buzz...rather than feeling that they could never get it THAT neat and maybe given I share your rant, but in some ways it might encourage some people to have a go when they realise that even those in the know make mistakes or are not always perfect.


Anonymous said...

Eeek, I left the comment above and forget to say...GREAT blog and THANKS for all the interesting/helpful
info :o) :o) :o)