Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vintage Paper Crafts - Dennison Dolls

At this sale last summer, I bid on a box of what I thought were vintage knitting booklets. How could I lose, for a dollar? There turned out to be only one knitting item in the box, the rest were craft publications put out by the Dennison crepe paper manufacturers and one or two others (Highlights most of us know but Pack-O-Fun, anyone ever heard of them?) All of them from the 1945-1960 time period, lots of paper flowers, party and holiday crafts, and children's activities. I thought that between now and Mother's Day I would post some selections.

Dennison's is now, sadly, defunct, but any crepe paper will work for these. Left click to enlarge, or download these two pages from my Flickr account.


Andrea R said...

Pack-O-Fun! I *love* those! I have a few from my grandmother from the late 50's, early 60's ear.

They still make the magazine for modern-day kids, but the older ones were great for group crafts.

Amy said...

very cute, I remember making cut out dolls from paper when I was little :-)