Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tatting-25 Motif Challenge

I have fallen so far behind on my 25-Motif Challenge that I should probably just start all over again. The first motif above, in blue, is from McCall's Needlework and Crafts and I can't provide the pattern because the parent company has gone through so many changes of ownership that no one seems to know if the older patterns (mine are all from pre-1955 magazines) are still under copyright.

The pink edging (pattern below and on my Flickr account) is from Needlecraft magazine, September 1920. It's a very easy pattern to tat, all the rings are 4 picot 4, and so are all the chains except the very bottom scallop (5 picot 5) and the connecting upper chain (7, no picots). You will notice that there are no picots along the top edge so this edging would have to be sewn directly to fabric. Of course, you could throw in a few extra picots if you prefer!

(edited to add designer credit: the pattern was submitted by Mrs. W. I. Klingensmith).


Anonymous said...

I found my tatting shuttle the other day and played around with it for a bit but I've forgot a lot about how to use it so I'm going to have to find me a pattern with instructions... not so much that I'm wanting to make anything but I'd like to teach the art to my daughter.

TattingChic said...

Cool edgings! Don't ya just love those vintage needlework books! I always enjoy your blog posts from them. I have a vintage magazine from 1910 that I need to find and share. It has some tatting patterns in it! It's so cool! I love the old advertisements and everything! :)

Shay said...

Pat, I needle-tat so I can't help you...check out your local public library, mine has two tatting videos that can be checked out.

I think there are also some tatting tutorials on YouTube.

T-Mom said...

I love your tatting. It makes me want to search out my tatting-needles--if only I could stop knitting socks for a while. ;-)