Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shuo Zhongwen?

Babyface is busy digging a hole to China.

Actually, I checked this site and the opposite side of the world from Myvillage is a patch of water about three hundred miles West-SouthWest of Margaret River, Western Australia (which looks like a nice spot. Margaret River, that is. Maybe I could get Babyface to veer just a tad to the left). I think Saki wrote a short story once in which he observed that you can have sheep or a nice garden but not both. This statement applies equally well to German Shepherd puppies.

To leave you with something more constructive (or less destructive) to look at, here's the flowerbed along the east wall of the bungalow. These were not here last week--I checked.


A 30-something femme createrix said...

Fun toy! Apparently, I would be digging to the middle of the Indian Ocean :|

Me thinks it might not be a good idea to dig into the middle of hte Indian ocean! All the water might spew out into the middle of California!


Similar to one can have nice furniture and carpets, or one can have inside pets. But not both.

Erre54 said...

hi..ciao from Italia.
I'm well and you? thank for your visit on my blog

Shay said...

I will be SO happy when mud season is over. In about eight weeks.

T-Mom said...

Don't you love how fast stuff comes up in the spring? One day it's dirt and the next--greenery with a promise of blooms! So exciting!

Vanessa said...

Hi Shay - haven't visited your blog for ages so am only backreading posts now. Those photos of your cats are hilarious.

And being an Australian, I can attest to the marvels of Margaret River. You would definitely be living the good life there :-) Very well-known for its good surfing, good wine and good gourmet food!

Shay said...

Vanessa, so I've heard about Margaret River. How that she's created a new mudhole, however, Babyface has lost interest. :-(