Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He's just big-boned

Everybuddy nos fur ways moor den fat.  I iz just vary, vary fluffy.  Das all.
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Coincidentally, Reserve Cat went to the vet's yesterday for his shots and weighed in at 14.3 lbs. The Drama Queen also picked up a few pounds this winter, so it's Iams Adult Lite as soon as the present bag is finished.

He wailed all the way there (he wants to ride in the seat next to me, not the cat-carrier) but switched it off and turned on the purr as soon as I let him out in the examination room, charming the socks off the staff. Dr. Tinyvet cooed over him and called him "perfect," and she gave him a teaspoon of gushy-food for being so brave about his shots.

Then we came home and he went outside and slew a white-throated sparrow.


Amy said...

I only use Iams on my kitties too, it's the only brand that i know that keeps them full throughout the day and keeps their fur lovely and soft and shiny. So is your kitty on the diet now?

Shay said...

We still have half a bag left of the old stuff, so they'll start their diet when that is gone. I can't see tossing perfectly good cat food.

TattingChic said...

O, das kewt!