Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vintage Paper Crafts - Gumbos, Spoolies and Starchies

Animal crafts from the Dennison Crepe Paper Company's Paper Arts and Crafts for Teachers and Group Leaders. Left-click to enlarge, or go to my Flickr account to download.


Packrat said...

Cute critters. I might have to try the elephant. Usually, though, first graders can do a better job on crafty things than I can. lol

We had our first really nice day, yesterday. Hooray! We've had a few sunny days, but they were chilly. This is just a teaser. We still have at least 6 weeks of possibly nasty weather ahead of us.

anniebelle said...

I love handmade doll and toys books. My favorites are by a lady named Nina R. Jordan.

It's going to hit the 80's here in north Florida today and I'm already composing a blog entry about hot weather recipes and dinner ideas. That's it for cool weather for us until October!


Shay said...

We had such lovely weather here last week that the Spousal Unit decided it was safe to take the storm windows down.

This week it has been 40F and rainy. Go figure.