Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sign of the Times

"ISO: Rabbit-proof fencing. Have had no luck with homemade sprays, and don't own a dog. Will pick up in B-N. Or if anyone has any suggestions about other ways to keep the little stinkers from savaging my garden, I'd appreciate it."

(the above appeared on our local Freecycle group this afternoon).


Anonymous said...

He could do what I did. I went out at 4 AM ish for a pack of cigarettes from my car, where the day before the little demon ATE my tomato plant, left a few leaves in taunting, and I caught him about to eat the second and stomped at him.

Demon rabbit fell over, twitched and eventually ran away. I've seen no sign of it since.

Shay said...

Reserve Cat brought a bunny home for dinner Friday. Ugh.