Monday, April 27, 2009

Three Cheers and a Tiger

I chatted today with a volunteer who has just returned from North Dakota, where she spent four weeks making sandwiches for the high school and college students who showed up by the thousands to help the National Guard fill and stack sandbags.

(NYTimes photo by Dan Koeck).

She sincerely believes those kids saved their state.


Packrat said...

Thank you for sharing this. It seems all we ever hear about are the trouble makers.

Sort of random, but many times in the last several months young men and women have opened and held doors for me - in a college town! I must be looking my age or else we have a new crop of polite young people. (Or, maybe they think I'm a professor and don't want to get on my bad side. lol)

Ladytats said...

Shay, not only your friend thinks so,
the mayor Dennis Walaker has said so on camera with tears in his eyes, he was so grateful and proud of the high school and college kids who helped both fill and place sand bags in Fargo ND.
I live 45 miles from there

Shay said...

She (the volunteer) showed me some photos she had, crowds of kids, plastered to the eyeballs with mud and goofy grins on their faces...bless 'em. They really deserve a big hand.

And I hope it's only your road that is flooeded!