Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Patterns of the Past-Doll Dresses and a Rag Doll

In 1952, twenty-five cents got you any of these patterns, for doll dresses in different sizes, and for a 35-inch rag-doll. From Modern Needlecraft, 17th ed. Left-click to enlarge, or go to my Flickr account to download a larger copy.


Packrat said...

I still love dolls and doll clothes! Thanks for sharing this.

Sad, but I don't think many people had the 25 cents to spend on a pattern for doll clothes.

Appalachian Woman said...

i love this thank you!
i love hand made dolls

in 1952 my grandmother said they did have $ for doll clothes, it was not the depresssion.
in fact, making doll clothes and dolls was a big deal - how cool!

Shay said...

I think that in 1952 the average American family's disposable income could stretch to twenty-five cents. Maybe not the dollar or so that a doll would cost, which is why rag doll patterns were still so popular. And making doll's clothes for Christmas/birthdays, etc was still cheaper than buying them. I wonder if that's still true today.

I love that 35" doll's face; there are vendors on eBay that sell reprints of these old mail order patterns and I'd like to find one of these.

Packrat said...

I guess our family wasn't average. :)

Lady Anne said...

In 1952 a man could earn $5,000 a year and support a wife and two kids. Slightly under $100 a week. My first job, 1960, I made $60 a week, and a two bedroom apartment was $80 a month. A new car was $2,000.