Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crochet-A Little Girl's Dress from 1947

From Smart Knitting, 3rd Edition (1947), comes this crocheted party dress for a little girl. Instructions can be downloaded from my Flickr account.


Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Now that is cute! If I thought that someone would actually dress their kid in that, I'd be making it right now. I love those vintage childrens' clothing patterns. I have a bunch of English Emu patterns from the 1960s that are just adorable.

Shay said...

I don't know...it's a pretty classic style. I'd go without the bows on the bodice, though.

You know what patterns I wish we could get here in the US? Enid Gilchrist. You can get her books on eBay but the tariff to have them mailed from Australia's a bit intimidating.