Friday, June 12, 2009

Quote of the Day

Oh give me a skein
Made of buffalo mane
Be it DK or sock weight or worsted
Surely shearing's not hard
Just walk into the yard..
No wait...I will let YOU go firsted.

Wool, Buffalo wool!
How novel! thread coming from bison
Tho' to harvest this yarn
And still not come to harm
It would probably take a Mike Tyson.

(vintage fruit crate art from Dover; bad fiber poetry from me).


GDad said...

Oh give me a scow
Made of balsa and cow
With the leather stretched over the wood!
My all-natural boat
Would struggle to float,
But the lake water would feel so good!

You win, hands down.

Shay said...

Coracle, coracle on the foam
Jes' bobbing and floating along
When it does spring a leak
Start to bail--don't say "eek!"
Or you know that you'll never get home!

Packrat said...

Oh, dear...

Actually, very clever - both of you.

Shay said...

Don't encourage us.