Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Hole-in-the-Screen Gang Rides Again

We got back from Seattle to find a domicile unexpectedly and completely cat-less.

Reserve Cat showed up immediately, almost quivering with joy at our return. The Drama Queen allowed the spousal unit to roam the neighborhood, calling her name, for about twenty minutes before she condescended to materialize on the front porch.


Amy said...

They're tricky creatures aren't they? Are you still on that outside-cat ban where you are?

Packrat said...

Thank goodness they came home! Hope you had a nice trip.

Anonymous said...

Guess you grow them stubborn type cats in the mid-west...oh, wait, ALL cats are stubborn. Sounds like
you need a moat around your house!
Sorry to hear they escaped but glad to see they deigned to return home.

GDad said...

Wow, even allowing for that 20-minute delay, they still come when called. Spousal Unit must have Cat Jedi powers.

Shay said...

The county has confirmed that two of the feral cats did indeed have distemper, and Mr Foxy Loxy is still hanging around.

So even though our trigger-happy neighbor appears to have calmed down, teh kittehs are still confined to quarters.

I have had to give up sitting on the nice new patio Brian put in for me under the bedroom window. They jump up on the sill and scream imprecations at me until I am driven back into the house.

(It's going to be a looooong summer).