Sunday, June 28, 2009

How to write a thank you note

1. Open box that arrives in mail.

2. Remove cat from box. Close lid of box securely.

3. Place box on table and go find stationery.

4. Remove cat from table.

5. Place notepad and pen on table.

6. Chase cat down and remove ball of yarn that he swiped from box. Close lid of box securely.

7. Go back to table and sit down in front of notepad and pen.

8. Remove cat from chair. Find first aid kit and apply disinfectant to scratches on back of leg.

9. Go back to table, check chair for cat, and sit down in front of notepad and pen.

10. Remove cat from box and forcibly detach him from the package of bias tape he has in his mouth. Close lid of box securely.

11. Sit back down and pick up pen.

12. Take pen away from cat and push him off table.

13. Throw away first piece of paper with streaks and blobs of ink and get a new piece of paper.

14. Chase cat down and again remove ball of yarn. Rewind yarn.

15. Put cat in bathroom and close bathroom door securely. Return to table and start again at step 11.

Repeat as necessary.


Overeducated Twit said...

That was highly entertaining, and definitely a familiar scenario for cat "owners"/staff. Reserve Cat looks quite smug there.

Anonymous said...

Why not let Reserve Cat write the note? Clearly he wants to add his opinion...and have what ever was in the box...

Sisiggy said... ... wouldn't want to be the one who has to open the bathroom door...I have some old fencing gear I can overnight to you...

Shay said...

I would need the gear for Her Majesty but Reserve Cat just wants to "holp, Mamma!"

He's such a sweetie.

Packrat said...

You didn't mention tripping over the dogs in the process. LOL

AlisonH said...

Oh, that was funny!