Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting Ready For London

…and our next contestants here at the World Synchronized Head Turning Finals, Housecat Division, have entered the arena.

Real smooth start, good form there. These two are never predictable, are they, Frank?

No they sure aren't, Jim. Look at that nice clean segue into the next position. You can tell they’ve been performing as a team for a long time and do a real good job anticipating each other’s next move.

Oh, no! That’ll cost them! But they’re still in contention if they finish clean--

And they stick the landing! What an exciting thirty-seven seconds that was, Jim!

Yes, Frank, it’s all up to the judges now.


Amy said...

That's funny! Cats sleep in the strangest places.

cindy said...

this was so hilarious!! :)

Sisiggy said...


(Sorry, but there is one judge from East Berlin who thinks it's still 1981.)

But they did win the gold -- pending the results of their drug tests.