Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Consummation Devoutly To Be Wished

It occurred to me that there is one potentially very positive outcome to Mr. Jackson's death that has been overlooked. The allegedly-Reverend Fred Phelps and his batshit-crazy crotch fruit are going to picket the funeral.

Can you imagine what is going to happen without the Patriot Guard to separate these whackaloons from several hundred thousand screaming Michael Jackson fans?

(I live in hope).


Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Amen to that! Of course, the Phelpses are more than likely hoping for it, too, so they can file an eleventy billion dollar lawsuit against the state of California.

There is no way any sane person marries into that family. It must be all cousin/spouses and the like -- a family tree that looks more like a wreath.

Shay said...

a family tree that looks more like a wreath

I love that phrase.

twisted said...

That would be a reason to watch more of this circus of nutlogs.

Sisiggy said...

His press release will, I think, be the most anyone will really notice about the Phelpses. Only at this event will his group blend in with all the other pinheads "affected" by the death of a dysfunctional celebrity.

GDad said...

I like "family tree that looks more like a wreath." I'll start interspersing that with "family trunk."

Twisted, I hope someone does a remix of the best footage and puts it on YouTube or something.

tattrldy said...

My hubby and I got a good laugh out of your post and the replys. Oh, yeah, but I didn't see anything about it on the news, oh, darn!