Sunday, July 12, 2009

Double Duty

From those patriotic folks at Knox, dessert and main-dish recipes that not only save ration points but time.

One days cooking for two days eating (their punctuation). Save yourself time! Save yourself trouble! Save fuel! Save pennies! On this and the next two pages are ‘double duty’ recipes that actually give you two days of good eating for one day’s easy cooking. The basic recipe makes a double amount, so you use half of it for a delicious treat one day – and next day turn the other half into a completely different recipe.

As hokey as it seems today, this would have been very appealing to a 1940’s housewife, who—in addition to all of the usual chores of childcare, cooking, cleaning, laundry, mending, chauffering, shopping, etc—was either volunteering several days a week at the Red Cross or USO, or working full time in a defense industry or to replace a male worker who was now in uniform.

And if she was under thirty-five she was probably doing this without Dad, who was away at camp or overseas, and trying to do it on military pay which meant a lot less money than many middle-class women were accustomed to having. Dishes that saved ration points and cash, and could be prepped the morning or even the night before, were a boon and a blessing.

The pages below were scanned from Salads, Desserts, Pies and Candies, published by the Knox Gelatine company in 1943. Left-click to enlarge or go here for full-sized images.

And just for Jitterbug, who inspired today’s post, here are some nummy, nummy recipes for desserts including one for jellied Prune Whip (her favorite).


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.. I remember those days of eating knox gelatin things.. gag!... and that was in the 50's. I guess my mom carried the habit over from the 40's. There was only one desert she made with it that I liked and it was made with whipped Milnot, gelatin and crushed pineapple spread over crushed vanilla cookies.

Ladytats said...

Hi Shay,
you always find the most interesting things.
and your cats are entertaining too.
have a great week.

T-Mom said...

I love the old recipes you post. Even if it's nothing I'd touch with a 10-foot pole, I enjoy reading about them anyway. :-D

Shay said...

Little did I know, fifteen years ago when I began picking these little cookbooks up for a quarter at yard sales, how handy they would be!