Monday, July 20, 2009

More Midsummer Bounty

Although I admit it's not as lush as the one we had in North Carolina, I love our garden at this time of year.


Packrat said...


You weren't kidding about the Little Grey Bungalow! Love it! (You do realize I'm a sucker for Arts and Crafts style houses, don't you?)

thecuteone said...

Wonderful place - thanks for sharing... makes me nostalgic for a garden!

Marg said...

Thanks for stopping by our MGCC blog.
There is nothing like eating fresh vegetables from the garden.
Our sweet corn will be harvested in late August, early Sept.
Home-made Bread? That's my favorite also...I just made some home-made granola this morning and some blueberry scones. It's so good to eat these fresh fruits and vegetables in season.


Yeah, well. The south is a great place to live, but the midwest's palmetto bugs are not nearly as large. A good thing, that is.

Spoken by someone that lived in Atlanta for almost 20 years. Atlanta, where we called them palomino bugs, as they were just about big enough to ride.