Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Painting-A 20's Design for Furniture

From Woman's Home Companion, and probably dating from the mid to late 1920's. This is a page from that big envelope of household and needlework-related magazine clippings I bought on eBay last year. The credited artist is Herman van Cott. Left-click to enlarge for the floral motif.

(blogger's note: I will be downstate at a training seminar until Friday, but have this week's offerings set up to post automatically. I hope).


T-Mom said...

Shay, this is great! I've got a chair that just might help along real well. :)

Rochelle R. said...

That is a very lovely motif. It looks so up to date. I would not think it was from the 20's.

sara said...
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