Saturday, February 20, 2010



Anonymous said...

My cat decides to be nice to all my boyfriends for about a week. Then he bites them.

The last guy this happened to we spend a really nice Saturday at the ER...for 13 stitches to his hand.

"Don't pet my cat."
"Oh he likes me, Elaina, it's okay."
"he bites."
..waits, and watches because the cat is evil, guy gets rougher and rougher with the cat "playing", cat decides I'm dressed too nice, comes gets loved by me, then turns and CHOMP...
"..your cat bit me!"
"I told you he would." *hands off a towel to see how bad it is this time, cat rolls over onto his back and proceeds to go to sleep*

Shay said...

Do they make muzzles for cats, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

They do, but I am not about to try it. My cat has been on LOLCats as Basement Cat...for a reason.