Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flanking Movement

It has been too cold for the cats to go out since before Christmas, but last week during a brief thaw I opened the back door to let Her Majesty venture forth. She paused on the stoop just long enough to sneer at the dogs and then made a quick hop for the gap between the fence and the house.

And got stuck. Wedged, one might say, and by the time I pried her loose Funnyface had decorated her hindquarters liberally with dog spit.

I have reduced her rations to half a cup of diet kibble in the morning and again at night, may the God of fat kittehs forgive me.


TypsTatting said...

Poor puss I can just imagine it must have been a great laugh!!!!! I'm sure the cat will be thinking of revenge!!!!!LOL

Packrat said...

Poor kitty. Is she letting you know that she is unhappy with her diet? There would be no peace here.

Shay said...

Oh yes to both. I let her wiggle in the fence for a few seconds while I laughed at her.

And the spousal unit wandered in from the kitchen a few nights ago, where she was sitting next to the food bowl and glowering at him, saying "She doesn't like this diet, does she?".

I'm surprised I'm still among the living.

Kristen said...

LOL - very funny! I have a Her Majesty that prefers to live outside full-time at our farm. Tuesday night I had to go out and shovel a path to the barn from our back door before I could start on the driveway. She was trying to wade through chest-deep (to her) snow on her own, hissing and spitting at it the whole time. Funniest thing ever. :)

T-Mom said...

Annie survived for years on 1/4 cup of kitty-kibble. Per day. Yes, she told me frequently and loudly that she was starving to death, but it kept her at a svelte and reasonable 12 pounds. From time to time she got a little dab of vanilla ice cream, and a can of Fancy Feast on holidays and her birthday. :)

Wish it was as easy to keep the weight off me as it was to keep it off her!