Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blood is Thicker than Water

When we arrived at Youngest Sister’s house on Thursday, her seven year old greeted us at the door with his face lit up like a Christmas candle. “You’re here! I missed you so much!” he shrieked, and blew right past me to entwine himself lovingly around the spousal unit’s legs.

I had my revenge at dinner; there were too many to fit around the table so the spousal unit gallantly sat himself down apart from the rest of us with his dinner balanced on a TV tray. Youngest Sister’s five year old watched him for a minute and then asked “Mamma, why is Uncle Brian in the time-out chair?”


Packrat said...

I just love how your posts are short, too the point, and (un)believably funny. Just think how dull our lives would be without our pets and the little monsters, (er, children).

I do hope you had/have a really good visit.

Packrat said...

PS: Misspelled to. Sorry. (Do you ever get the feeling that the computer changes some of the words that we type? Or, is it just that my fingers might work faster than my brain...)